1. For New and Transferee Students
    A student who wishes to enroll at St. John’s Institute as a new student should comply with the following requirements:
    a. Accomplished Application Form (from the Guidance Center)
    b. Colored Photocopy of PSA Birth Certificate
    c. Photocopy of Baptismal Certificate
    d. 1 pc. 2×2 ID picture
    e. Photocopy of ACR/ICR for Foreign Students
    f. Photocopy of Report Card (for those who attended school the previous school-year)
    g. Application Fee of P250.00 (from the Accounting Office)
  2. Additional requirements for transferees in the higher levels (Grade 2-10)
    a. Proof of Chinese Studies (for Gr. 2-10 transferees)
    b. Certificate of Good Moral Character (in a sealed envelope)
    c. Original Transcript of Records (to be submitted upon enrollment)
    d. Original Honorable Dismissal (to be submitted upon enrollment)
    e. Certificate of Acceptance from DepEd for transferees from abroad


  1. Must come from a DepEd recognized Chinese School otherwise,
    he/she must undergo an intensive Summer Enrichment Class in Chinese for 2
    months. (Only athlete/varsity applicants are entertained for admission
    from the non-Chinese School).
  2. Must have satisfactory scholastic
    rating, a GPA of at least 80% in the last completed school year, and no
    academic failure in any subject.
  3. Must be of good moral standing and satisfactory deportment.
  4. Must be within the specified age bracket.
  5. Must successfully pass a written entrance examination.
  6. Must
    prepare a well-written essay for reason of leaving previous school and
    reason for choosing SJI (for High School applicants only).

Classification of Students
Pupils/Students are classified with reference to their year of entry, age and the grade level that they have finished.

  1. Toddler — Pupils whose ages range from 2-2.11 years old by August 31 ( North Point Campus )
  2. Nursery — Pupils whose ages range from 3-3.11 years old by August 31 (North Point and Main Campus)
  3. Pre-Kinder — Pupils whose ages range from 4-4.11 years old by August 31 (North Point and Main Campus)
  4. Kinder — Children aged five years old by August 31st of the school year they will enroll in (North Point and Main Campus)
  5. Grade 1 — Children who have completed Kindergarten programs in DepEd accredited schools and centers and who are six years old and above by August 31st of the school year they will enroll in. (North Point and Main Campus)
  6. Grade 7 — Pupils who have finished their elementary course and are eligible for promotion to Junior High School (not more than 15 years old)
  7. Grade 11 — Students who have completed their four-year program in the Junior High School and are eligible for promotion to Senior High School.
  8. Old Students — Students who were enrolled and have finished the previous school year in St. John’s Institute.
  9. New Students — Those who have been enrolled in the school at any level for the first time. The following are considered as new students:
    a. Nursery Pupils
    b. Transferees (Gr. 1-12) Those who have transferred from another school

    1. Students who have been enrolled in other institutions in the previous school year and are enrolled in SJI for the first time.
    2. Exchange students from abroad who have been staying in the Philippines and are enrolled at St. John’s Institute as part of the program of Rotary, AFS, Jaycees and other similar organizations.
  10. Returnees— Students who have previously been enrolled in the school but have transferred to another, and are returning to SJI or they are students who are returning from a leave of absence or for some valid reasons but did not enroll in any institution prior to his/her re-application.
  11. Repeaters
    a. Grades 1-12 students of 531 who have failing marks in the final rating in 2 of the major subjects for the first time.
    b. Grades 1-12 students of SJI whose general average is less than 75%.
  12. Late enrollees — Students who have enrolled later when enrollment period has been declared closed. They are entertained only if slots are still available.
  13. “Sit-in” Students — Students who are enrolled but who do not earn units and maybe exempted from certain class requirements. These are mostly ‘ students who are in the country/city for only brief periods but would like to maximize learning opportunities in the classroom. (Admitted only under certain conditions.)
  14. Foreign Students. These are non-Filipino students, who have met the school’s admission requirements.


  1. Secure an Application Form from the Guidance Center.
  2. Pay the application fee at the Accounting Office.
  3. Submit the accomplished application form together with the other requirements needed to the Guidance Center.
  4. Take the entrance exam (except for Senior High School) as per scheduled date given by the Guidance Center. Only applicants who have passed the entrance examination shall be considered for admission and will be issued a Clearance Slip to be presented to the Registrar upon enrollment.
  5. Proceed to the Registrar’s Office for the enrollment.
  6. Enrollment in Summer Chinese Class (for students with no Chinese lessons background) is a pre-requisite for enrollment in Kinder and other grade levels. Once the Summer Enrichment Class for Chinese has started for a week, application for admission from the non-Chinese school will be closed and will no longer be admitted. The applicant must get a satisfactory grade in the Summer Enrichment Class in order to proceed with the Admission.

Age Requirements

  1. Cut-off month for the age is August 31 of the current year, as mandated by DepEd. The following age requirements should be complied on or before the said date:
    Nursery – 3 years old
    Pre-Kinder – 4 years old
    Kinder – 5 years old
    Grade 1 – 6 years old
  2. If the applicant is qualified for the level on account of age, he/she must apply for the level intended for his/her age. If he/she passes, he/she will be admitted in that level. Should he/she not able to reach the passing score, he/she will be admitted to the level appropriate for him/her.
  3. If the applicant is 6 years old as of August 31 of the current year, he/she may be admitted to Grade 1, provided that he/she has passed the entrance examination and assessment and had at least 1 year of pre-school education which indicates that the applicant is ready for the said level.
  4. Even if the child is 6 years old by August 31 but has not attended at least 1 year of pre-school education, he/she cannot be admitted to Grade 1. He/she must be placed in Kinder.

Testing Office
Admissions and Testing from Pre-elementary to Senior High School are centralized in the Elementary Guidance Center.
For Continuing Students
Any continuing student of St. John’s Institute qualifies for readmission provided that he/she maintains satisfactory academic and disciplinary record. On the other hand, a continuing student with academic deficiency and/or violation of any school policy/rules may be readmitted subject to school policies after a thorough review of his/her existing records.

  1. Admission Procedures
    a. Old Students – Unless a student is under probation, he/she is automatically admitted to the next higher grade or level. Otherwise, he/she is subjected to the following conditions:
    1. A student with academic failures: A student should present his/her summer grade for evaluation before being admitted for enrollment.
    2. Student on probation: A student who is on probation should get a clearance from the Discipline Officer and a written approval from the Principal that he/she can be admitted for enrollment.

    b. Returning Students – A former Johnian who wishes to return to SJI will undergo a thorough screening and the same admission policy for transferees will apply.

  2. Readmission Policy
    The school reserves the right not to re-admit a student who has transferred school or who has previously dropped out.
  3. Non-Admission
    A student will be refused admission due to academic deficiency or gross misconduct and behavior.



  1. Settle all previous accounts with the Accounting Office (for old students)
  2. Secure an Enrollment Form from the Registrar’s Office upon presentation of the following documents:
    a. For old students: Photocopy of the Report Card
    b. For new students and transferees: “Clearance Slip”
    c. For old students availing of the early enrollment: Clearance from the Class Adviser
    d. For Senior High School students: “Clearance Slip”
  3. Pay the enrollment fees
  4. Proceed to the Registrar’s Office for validation and enlistment.


As stated in the DepEd Order No. 3, series of 2018, a school may accept late enrollees provided that the student will be able to meet eighty percent (80%) of the prescribed number of school days for each year as governed by the latest existing applicable DepEd issuances. (Applicable only for students who have been enrolled from other schools within the same school year).

The student shall present upon enrollment all transfer credentials such as the report card or transcript of record and all other documentary requirements of new students. The grade level of the student must be clearly stated on the transfer credentials.

A student shall be considered temporarily enrolled until submission of all transfer credentials and other documentary requirements.