St. John’s Institute envisions a society where the citizens practice self-discipline, work for the common good, respect the rights of every individual and uphold justice and peace as fruit of genuine faith formation.


St. John’s Institute is a Filipino-Chinese Catholic educational institution committed to the holistic development of the youth, the integration of the Filipino and Chinese heritage, imbued with a firm faith in the service of God and neighbor.


St. John’s Institute, responsive to the realities of the times, seeks to contribute to the development and progress of our country, in particular the Bacolod community by providing quality education which aims:

  1. to instill superior literacy and knowledge, appreciation of the arts and sports, the discipline of logical, critical and creative thinking and to learn how to be life-long learners;
  2. to form spiritually mature Christians with a firm belief and understanding of the faith that he lives, a life based on the respect for the person and his dignity;
  3. to develop in every Johnian a respect for the Chinese and Filipino heritage and appreciation of the Chinese and Filipino culture, permeating the Filipino society and fostering a spirit of mutual understanding and friendly relations; and
  4. to instill self-discipline in mind and character such that one conducts himself with a deep sense of responsibility for his actions, a strong passion for justice and selfless commitment to serve to others.

All these can be achieved through discipline and hard work for God’s greater glory.


  1. God-Centeredness – Inspired by the Gospel and Catholic tradito, a Johnian is molded to live a life of holiness, dignity, int.n_. and the arduous but spiritually-rewarding pursuit of wisdom.
  2. Concern for Others – A Johnian is made aware of his or here contribution towards a more peaceful, humane and harmonious
    society, by being attentive and responsive to the common good.
  3. Discipline – A Johnian is trained to value self-discipline in mind and character; is dignified, responsible and capable of making just and morally-upright choices and can act as a positive agent of change.
  4. Academic Excellence – A Johnian’s educational foundation is grounded on an environment not only conducive to brilliant at diligent study, but also of mutual respect, understanding, open-mindedness, in preparation for higher endeavors.
  5. Cultural Integration – Secured in the richness of his or her Filipino heritage but respectful and appreciative of the Chinese culture, a Johnian is equipped with the necessary language skills, thus fostering the spirit of mutual understanding and friendly relation among cultures.