Education is a vital and fundamental aspect of a civilized society. Thus, St. John’s Institute as a college preparatory school, promotes quality education by providing a conducive environment wherein students may learn. It has set a high standard which requires all students to study diligently and consistently apply themselves to the task every day, doing their utmost to achieve the best that is in them. Admission to SJI is a privilege and not a right. Every student therefore, is expected to put a high premium on quality Johnian education and comply with all the requirements and policies, obey school rules and regulations and make the most of opportunities presented to him or her.


St. John’s Institute offers an education curriculum based on the K to 12 Basic Education prescribed by DepEd, enhanced and enriched by a curriculum in Chinese language and culture.

Pre-ElementaryJunior High School – Level 3
Grade School – Level 1Senior High School – Level 4
Grade School – Level 2