Second Wind Program

Started in 2009, the SECOND WIND PROGRAM has assisted over 30 scholars.

Vision and Description:

This program is intended to help a currently enrolled Johnian by paying his full or partial tuition for the incoming school year. The basic thrust of this program is to give a breather to families who are experiencing financial difficulties their child’s Johnian education, much like the second wind that athletes experience as they near the finish line. The program hopes to enable families with children of good moral character to move on for at least another year.

Application Period:

Applications will be accepted until June 15, 2020. Applications should be submitted to the Cashier’s office or directly to Eversure at Rizal St., Bacolod City (beside Northwest Inn). You may also send it by email at [email protected]

Application Procedures:

One (1) copy of completed application form which is available from the Cashier’s Office.

Student’s letter or essay introducing himself and his need of the scholarship.

Letter of Recommendation from any authorized member of the faculty attesting to applicant’s good moral character.

Any size of picture of the applicant.

Copy of current year report card.


Current grade 7-11 students of St. John’s Institute.

No grade lower than 80 in his current year.

No disciplinary action on record.

This scholarship if awarded in full can not be used with any other scholarships/ grants/ educational assistance programs.


Beneficiary will be selected based on the degree of motivation to qualify for the scholarship as conveyed through the essay and interviews as well as the moral uprightness of the applicant.

Award Notification:

Beneficiary will be notified by phone or email before June 30, 2020. If no response is received 7 days from notification, the Scholarship will be awarded to the next line.


The program will pay full tuition including miscellaneous fees directly to St. John’s Institute.

For Additional Information, Contact:

John or Jennifer Ong      tel #433-2149

**Once scholars have been chosen, we shall pay his/her half-year tuition upon enrolment directly to the SJI cashier. Should the scholar get a grade lower than 80 during these two quarters or incur major disciplinary action, support for the second half will cease.