Any continuing student of St. John’s Institute qualifies for readmission provided that he/she maintains satisfactory academic and disciplinary record. On the other hand, a continuing student with academic deficiency and/or violation of any school policy/rules may be readmitted subject to school policies after a thorough review of his/her existing records.

  1. Admission Procedures
    a. Old Students – Unless a student is under probation, he/she is automatically admitted to the next higher grade or level. Otherwise, he/she is subjected to the following conditions:
    1. A student with academic failures: A student should present his/her summer grade for evaluation before being admitted for enrollment.
    2. Student on probation: A student who is on probation should get a clearance from the Discipline Officer and a written approval from the Principal that he/she can be admitted for enrollment.
    b. Returning Students – A former Johnian who wishes to return to SJI will undergo a thorough screening and the same admission policy for transferees will apply.
  2. Readmission Policy
    The school reserves the right not to re-admit a student who has transferred school or who has previously dropped out.
  3. Non-Admission
    A student will be refused admission due to academic deficiency or gross misconduct and behavior.