1. Cut-off month for the age is August 31 of the current year, as mandated by DepEd. The following age requirements should be complied on or before the said date:
    Nursery – 3 years old
    Pre-Kinder – 4 years old
    Kinder – 5 years old
    Grade 1 – 6 years old
  2. If the applicant is qualified for the level on account of age, he/she must apply for the level intended for his/her age. If he/she passes, he/she will be admitted in that level. Should he/she not able to reach the passing score, he/she will be admitted to the level appropriate for him/her.
  3. If the applicant is 6 years old as of August 31 of the current year, he/she may be admitted to Grade 1, provided that he/she has passed the entrance examination and assessment and had at least 1 year of pre-school education which indicates that the applicant is ready for the said level.
  4. Even if the child is 6 years old by August 31 but has not attended at least 1 year of pre-school education, he/she cannot be admitted to Grade 1. He/she must be placed in Kinder.